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Public Buildings

Government facilities such as legislatures, city halls and courtrooms perform a wide range of functions. They are used for hosting summit meetings, holding conferences and debates, parliamentary voting, and many other purposes. These facilities have demanding communication requirements such as state-of-the-art sound quality and simultaneous interpreting systems. At the same time, they must ensure the security and safety of participants, employees, and visitors. Government buildings therefore face daunting security, safety and communication challenges:

  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations for high-security areas.
    Detecting intrusion, sabotage, and malicious attacks.
  • Dealing with fire and explosions.
  • Providing video surveillance of all activities.
  • Evacuating people quickly and efficiently when required.
QFB Bank

Banking Sectors

Banks, where it is absolutely essential to manage risks, were among the first to install security systems. They are still among the users with the highest expectations – and understandably so. Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at banks, which must meet incredibly demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications. The challenges include:

  • Preventing kidnapping and robberies.
  • Detecting vandalism and fraud at cash points.
  • Integrating security and safety concepts into bank processes.
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations.
  • Ensuring intrusion and alarm mechanisms, fire detection, and constant monitoring.

Office & Apartments

Offices, where it is absolutely essential to guarantee people’s safety and manage risks and frauds. They are still among the users with the highest expectations. Security systems continue to play an important role for internal risk management at offices, which must meet demanding requirements with regard to security, safety, and communications. The challenges include:

  • Flexible workspace environment.
  • Optimize operations and maintenance.
  • Building efficiency.
  • Increase workers satisfaction and productivity.

Railway & Metro

The transportation industry has become increasingly vulnerable to safety and security risks. Public transport operators face a crucial need to protect passengers, employees, infrastructure, and assets against possible threats, while optimizing the passengers experience and ensuring operations run smoothly, now and in the future.

  • Keep passengers safe and the infrastructure secure.
  • Respond quickly to potential threats and manage incidents.
  • Increase operational efficiency and understand passenger needs.
  • Video analytics to detect unsafe crowd behavior.
  • Automated surveillance and alarm management.
  • Smart control room.


Today’s airports face considerable security challenges, and managers must handle multiple roles. Airports must therefore meet incredibly demanding criteria with regards to security, safety, communications, and building automation.

  • Invest in innovative solutions in order to improve passenger experiences.
  • Respond quickly to potential threats and monitor critical areas.
  • Increase efficiency and understand customer needs.


City streets and sidewalks are becoming more congested, while connected and autonomous technologies in vehicles are increasing. Safety concerns like these pose a significant challenge for city planners and senior traffic engineers to improve mobility, safety, and efficient use of roadways now and in the future.

  • Provide better insights and information for data-driven decision making with Video Analytics built-in to IP cameras.
  • Keep roadways flowing safely and efficiently with video-as-a-sensor technology enabled by true “edge” analytics.
  • Improve and maintain traffic management systems with camera-generated analytics data and via partnerships with highway information solution providers.

Energy & Utility

The Energy & Utility sector includes facilities for generating, transmitting, and distributing energy of all kinds. Gaps in security or safety can seriously threaten public health, environment, economy, and even national or global security. Security, safety and communication challenges may include:

  • Preventing possible terrorist attacks and vandalism.
  • Dealing with fire and explosions in harsh environments.
  • Evacuating in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Detecting intrusion, sabotage and malicious attacks.
  • Managing a wide variety of different access authorizations.
  • Coping with different extreme environments and weather conditions.
  • Enforce health and safety regulations.
  • Monitor no-parking areas.
  • Informing and protecting staff members even on remote sites.

Multi Store Retail

Securing retail stores is demanding. The pressure to ensure the safety of employees and customers, minimize costs, and maximize profits makes it essential to reduce shrink, prevent inventory loss, and efficiently manage a wide variety of risks. Meeting these requirements means understanding legacy systems and new technologies, staying up to date on industry regulations and the needs of other internal departments, and finding the right solutions for numerous challenges.

  • Remove opportunities for theft from employees, deter shoplifters, detect after-hour intruders, and organized retail crime.
  • Maintain legacy system investments and implement new technology across stores.
  • Help the company to increase efficiency and understand customer needs and preferences using real-time data.

Industrial Manufacturing

When it comes to productivity a factory demands smooth processes without interruptions. Threats like fire, accidents, sabotage and espionage need to be prevented in a smart way without effecting the running business. Also, in order to reduce costs it is necessary to increase efficiency as much as possible.

  • Keep the premises, machinery and workers safe with the most reliable solutions.
  • Stay in control of your site by investing in innovative solutions.
  • Increase efficiency by using security products ‘beyond security’.

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